Enhancing Workforce Management Transparency

Productivity Tracking

Harness the power of productivity with CannyTrack’s monitoring tools that eliminate distractions and liberate more time for meaningful work. Inspire a culture of excellence by cultivating positive behaviours and creating a space for undisturbed, productive growth.

Employee Insights

Enable managers to recognize and reward employees based on data and not in perception. Analyze the behavioral aspects of the employee with our dashboard of insights.

Data Loss Prevention

Protecting Client intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and copyrighted data more critical than ever Track the digital asset movement and recieve alerts based on user actions.

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Asset Optimization

Improve your EBITDA with reduced OPEX.Avoid over subscription of software and renew based on unique user footprint on subscribed software Run the business with optimized seats and resources based on workload and skills with zero assumptions.

Desktop Client For All Major Platforms

Available Across All Platforms

CannyTrack is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, making it accessible to all users regardless of their preferred operating system.

Stealth Mode for Unobtrusive Monitoring

For discreet monitoring, our stealth mode allows for the seamless tracking of user activity without intrusive pop-ups or notifications.

Offline Data Sync for Continuous Monitoring

With our offline data-sync feature, user activity can be tracked offline and synced automatically when the device is back online, ensuring no data loss

Consent-Based Tracking for Enhanced Productivity

With CannyTrack's consent-based tracking,the user decides when to start and stop tracking,giving them complete autonomy.


Productivity Monitoring

A data-centric methodology for incentivizing employees

By keeping a watchful eye on employee activity during business hours, CannyTrack can gain real-time insights that pack a punch on your balance sheet.

Why Choose CannyTrack?

 Analytical tools for measuring productivity to check the pulse of morale among workers.

 Instantaneous commendation and praise.

 Analysis of qualitative data.

 Proactively assist the workforces with up-to-the-minute information on employee involvement.

Miscellaneous Snapshots

The ability to take random screenshots with the option to obscure them in order to collect private information is a smart addition.

Apps & URLs Tracker

Our Apps & URLs Tracker makes it effortless to keep Track of which applications and websites your team members are using, giving you a better understanding of how they spend their time.

Activity Tracker

Peek into the busy days of your employees with the precise insights provided by keystrokes and mouse activity.

Time Tracker

CannyTrack records their active and productive time during business hours, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Employee Insights

Facilitating Team Management in a Snap

Get a comprehensive analysis of all factors that impact your organization's productivity. Utilize current data trends to make wise choices that promote success and growth..

Is Your Performance Evaluation Based on Facts?

The combination of inaccurate data and subjective human prejudice can result in a higher-priced appraisal of employee efficacy. Ensuring transparency is crucial for evaluating the progress of any candidate.

Insights For Action

 Quantitative information about workers' actual output, compared to predetermined KPIs set by the company.

 Get real-time, data-driven insights to reward employees without any bias and keep them motivated.

 Track app and URL usage to make sure everyone is using their time effectively and meeting organizational expectations

Empower Your Team with Actionable Insights

Think carefully about your options in light of the analytical and real-time data. Avoid unnecessary operational expenditures by identifying the engagement level at the company and taking proactive measures to remedy the issue.

Data Loss Prevention


Unleash the Power of CannyTrack

  Gain unparalleled insights into digital asset movements with every user action.

  Receive critical alerts for risky actions that may pose a threat to your organization's sensitive data.

 Identify inappropriate actions by individuals in the organization with CannyTrack's proactive monitoring mode. Protect your data proactively, not reactively.

Asset Optimization


Experience the CannyTrack Advantage

  Maximize your resources with detailed insights on productive and non-productive usage hours.

  Maximize your resources with detailed insights on productive and non-productive usage hours.

  Quickly review usage metrics for both on-premise and SaaS-based licenses.


Analysis of Staff Efficiency

Our Roster Productivity Insights tool makes it simple to spot bottlenecks in your team's productivity and make the necessary adjustments to your seating arrangements.


Analyzing the Value of Assets

By keeping a weekly software usage log, you can easily spot any unused assets, maximizing efficiency and saving money.

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$8 per user

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